International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing

E-ISSN: 1998-4464
Volume 15, 2021

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Volume 15, 2021

Title of the Paper: Analysis of Factors Affecting to The Competitiveness of The Logistics Enterprises in Mekong Delta, Vietnam under The Integration of Descriptive Statistics and Fuzzy-ISM Approach


Authors: Nguyen Thang Loi, N. D. Khoi, H. T. T. Hoa, L. K. Chi, H. V. Bay, P. D. T. Anh, Q. L. Da

Pages: 1714-1729 

DOI: 10.46300/9106.2021.15.185     XML


Abstract: This paper analyzes the influence of the factors belonging to the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) on the competitiveness of Logistics Enterprises (LEs) in the Mekong Delta (MD), Vietnam. The input factors will be selected from a rigorous document review process combined with an in-depth survey of leading experts in the logistics field. Since then, an integrated approach including Improved Descriptive Statistics (IDS) combined with Fuzzy Interpretive Structure Modeling (FISM) has been structured to achieve this purpose. Specifically, the factors that have the closest relationship with competitiveness will be determined from the results of an improved descriptive statistical method, then the results will be developed using the FISM method under trapezoidal fuzzy number format to realize the importance of factors contributing to improving the competitiveness of logistics companies. The results have shown the impact of 16 sub-factors, which belong in the 4 main factors of Reputation (REP); Timeliness (TIM); Customs (CUS); and Ease of arranging shipments (EAS), on the competitiveness of logistics enterprises in the region analyzed in 4 clusters (Dependency, Association, Autonomy and independence). In which, 6 out of 16 factors have a significant impact on competitiveness that logistics enterprises need to pay more attention to in their operations. These factors will be ranked as REP4, REP 5, REP3, REP1, REP2, EAS1, respectively.