International Journal of Communications

ISSN: 1998-4480
Volume 12, 2018

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Volume 12, 2018

Title of the Paper: Performance Evaluation of Wireless Routing Protocols for MANET


Authors: Yahia Hasan Jazyah, Luai Al Shalabi, Nourhan Hamdy

Pages: 1-6

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a wireless local area network (WLA) that has all mobile nodes connected together directly without the need to central points. MANET has several practical applications such as rescuing somebody lost in fire forest, in the battle field where soldiers in front need to communicate and share important information, and in any rescue operations. Nodes (mobile phone, PDA, laptop, etc…) needs to communicate to each other where the transmitting range is limited due to limited energy source, and so nodes need nodes in the middle (neighbor nodes) to act as mediator to relay the coming message to their neighbor nodes in turn. Several routes from sender node (source) to the receiving node (destination) can be found, the source targets to find the minimum cost path to destination; several protocols have been designed to find such route, some of those protocols consume more energy than the others while other protocols cause network overhead but achieves the required task. This project aims to study wireless routing protocols (AODV, DSR, OLSR, and TORA) for MANET showing their advantages, disadvantages and characteristics, several scenarios will be designed using network simulator (OPNET) which will be used to study some metrics such as throughput, delay and network overhead.