International Journal of Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing

E-ISSN: 1998-4464
Volume 15, 2021

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Volume 15, 2021

Title of the Paper: A 14-bit High Speed 125MS/s Low Power SAR ADC using Dual Split Capacitor DAC Architecture in 90nm CMOS Technology


Authors: Chaya Shetty, M. Nagabushanam, Venkatesh Nuthan Prasad

Pages: 556-568  

DOI: 10.46300/9106.2021.15.62     XML


Abstract: The proposed work presents a High speed 14-bit 125MS/s successive-approximation-register asynchronous analog-to-digital-converter (SAR-ADC). A novel-based Dual-Split-Array-Three-Section (DSATS) capacitor DAC (DSATS-CDAC) is employed to increase the linearity and energy efficiency of the digital-to-analog converter (DAC), additional advantage of this work is that, the area is reduced by 59.76% of conventional design. The proposed switching technique of the (DSATS-CDAC) consumes less switching energy. Additionally, bootstrap switching is employed to ensure improved linearity and reduced power order to enhance the speed of operation and increase the precision a preamplifier latch based comparator is implemented with the delay of 250ps. The proposed SAR-ADC prototype is implemented in a 90nm CMOS process and consumes a power of 42.8mW at 1V operating supply. The proposed design achieves a figure of merit (FOM) of 37.43 fJ/conversion-step, signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR) of 81 dB, and an effective-number-of-bits (ENOB) of 13.16 bits with a sampling rate of 125MS/s.