Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Circuits and Systems
(a) Analog Circuits and Filters
(b) Switched Capacitor/Current Techniques
(c) Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
(d) Chaos, Bifurcations and Applications
(e) Distributed Circuits and Systems
(f) Power Electronics and Systems
(g) Nanoelectronics
(h) Bio-inspired electronics

(a) Analog and Mixed Signal Processing
(b) Digital Filters and Filter Banks
(c) Wavelet and Multirate Signal Processing
(d) Adaptive Signal Processing
(e) Multidimensional Systems
(f) Fast Computation for Signal Processing
(g) Speech Processing and Coding
(h) Biomedical Signal Processing
(i) Image Processing and Coding
(j) Video and Multimedia Technology
(k) Signal Processing for Communications

(a) Analog and Digital ICS
(b) Low Power Design
(c) VLSI Physical Design
(d) Testing: Analog, Digital and Mixed
(e) High Level Synthesis and Hardware/Sofware Codesign
(f) Logic Synthesis and Formal Verification
(g) Fault Tolerant Systems
(f) Modeling, Simultation and CAD Tools
(h) MEMs

Neural Systems (Circuits and Devices)
(a) Neural Networks
(b) Cellular Neural Networks
(c) Fuzzy Logic and Circuits

Computational Methods
(a) Numerical Methods and Circuit Simulation
(b) Linear and Nonlinear Optimisation
(c) Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization
(d) Large Scale Networks
(e) Expert Systems
(f) Circuit models for Electromagnetic Fields and Plasmas
(g) Quantum Computing
(h) Biological Computing

Devices and Industrial Applications
(a) Sensors
(b) Robotics
(c) Electromechanical Systems
(d) Electromagnetic Compatibility
(e) Production testing