International Journal of Computers

ISSN: 1998-4308
Volume 12, 2018

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Volume 12, 2018

Title of the Paper: Massively Parallel Multiple Sequence Alignment on the Supercomputer JUQUEEN


Authors: Plamenka Borovska, Veska Gancheva

Pages: 1-8

Abstract: In silico biological sequence processing is a key task in molecular biology. This scientific area requires powerful computing resources for exploring large sets of biological data. Parallel in silico simulations based on methods and algorithms for analysis of biological data using high-performance distributed computing is essential for accelerating the research and reducing the investment. Multiple sequence alignment is a widely used method for biological sequence processing. The paper focuses on performance investigation and improvement of multiple biological sequence alignment software MSA_BG on the BlueGene/Q supercomputer JUQUEEN. Experimental simulations on the basis of parallel implementation of MSA_BG algorithm for multiple sequences alignment have been carried out for the case study of the influenza virus variability investigation. The objectives of the investigation are code optimization, porting, scaling, profiling and performance evaluation of MSA_BG software. A hybrid MPI/OpenMP parallelization has been developed and the advantages of this approach through the results of benchmark tests, performed on JUQUEEN have been shown. The experimental results show that the hybrid parallel implementation provides considerably better performance than the MPI only implementation.