Conference Topics

Contributions related, but not limited, to the following topics of interest are welcome:

Innovation: Distinguishing from invention and other concepts
Innovation in organizations
Economic conceptions of innovation
Transaction cost and network theory perspectives
Innovation and market outcome
Sources of innovation
Value of experimentation in innovation
Diffusion of innovations
Goals of innovation
Failure of innovation
Measures of innovation
Global Innovation Index
Philosophy of Science
Management Methods
Statistics - Data Mining - Digital Libraries
Grid Computing
Educations Topics - Academic Globalization
Gathering and description
Preparation - Change Management
Software Configuration Management
Technological and industrial Globalization
Agriculture- Factories and mills
Turnpikes and canals
Steamboats - Mining - Railroads
Iron and steel-making
Telegraph and telephone
Electricity - Automobiles
Effects of industrialization
Agricultural production
Urbanization - Labor issues and immigration
Banking and trading
Research universities
Computers and networks
Health care and biotechnology
Media and entertainment
Technology and society
Marketing environment
Market segmentation
New Product Development (NPD)
Product Life Cycle
Marketing strategy - Marketing communications
Marketing specializations
International marketing
Culture - Political and legal factors
Levels of economic development
Green marketing - Green Development