Plenary Lecture

Promoting Technological Innovation with In-service Education

Professor Huei-Mei Wei
National Kaohsiung Normal University
Taiwan R.O.C

Abstract: This longitudinal, empirical research was set out to identify the connection between technological innovation and in-service education. In-service education has become a well known solution toward the exploding knowledge. Complexity theory has also become influential in recent models social science. In the context of innovation and new technologies, most applications have focused on individually technology adoption or technology diffusion, while the topic of the innovation process via on-going leaning has received less attention. This paper present both models based on the complexity theory and authentic application of teacher in-service to illustrate an innovation paradigm. A meta-data was applied to identify the evidence between innovation and in-service activity. The methodological challenges and critiques that remain were also discussed in this study.

Brief Biography of the Speaker: Huei-Mei Wei graduated from the National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan in 1998. She is a member of Taiwan association for sexual education, as the member of a council, she presented a lot of paper about the teenager’s sexual education in international conference or journals. Besides, she is the research group of Yearbook of Teacher Education Statistics in Taiwan , collect the data of in-service teacher and pre-service teacher, certification assessment, teacher recruitment…etc., analysis the data bank of teacher education, help the authorities to make polices. She presented a lot of paper about the analysis procedure to study Taiwanese teachers in international conference or journals.